Personal Mission Statement:

I am a professional dedicated to providing the highest quality real estate services. I strive for excellence in attitude and behavior, and demonstrate integrity through my work ethic. I am committed to serving clients honestly. I partner with clients to understand their expectations and use my knowledge and expertise to meet their needs.


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Dear Seller Personal Goals
Seller Services Guarantee Unconditional Guarantee
Advantages of Listing With a Realtor Pricing Your Home


Dear Seller,

Selecting the right real estate company is essential to selling your home and at Platinum Real Estate Group we are a unique company made up of partners and top producing agents working cooperatively together. As a seller we are aware of the emotional stress involved in selling a home and the concerns over relocating. Our company will not only save you time and money, but will help your transaction to be worry and headache free. Our company motto is: Personal, professional service, to make each seller a client for life.

Choosing a Realtor is equally important so let me tell you about myself. I have been a full time real- tor for 5 years and this past year became a Partner & Associate Broker at Platinum Real Estate Group and have received my GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) designation. I have served on the Cache/Rich Association of Realtors in various leadership positions and attend Bi-Annual Realtor training, and leadership conferences around the country to continually improve my abilities and knowledge in serving my clients.

Thank you for allowing me to help you in this very important decision and I want to express my sincere dedication to my work. I am confident in my expertise, education and knowledge to best serve my clients and your interests.


Lisa A. Thompson

Associate Broker, GRI

Platinum Real Estate Group

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Personal Goals:

I will:

  • Provide my clients with exceptional service.
  • Bring competence and experience into every transaction.
  • Put my client’s interest first.
  • Learn and understand client needs and expectations.
  • Base my client relationship on honesty, loyalty and accountability.
  • Keep open and timely communication.
  • Represent the best interest of either party in disclosing pertinent information whether working for buyers or sellers.
  • Make recommendations in assessing home value and reviewing buyer estimates to ensure fair market value.
  • Continue my education in the real estate industry to learn and understand market trends.
  • Strive for excellence.

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Seller Services Guarantee:

“Personal, Professional Service…

Making Each Seller A Client For Life.”


  • Advertise On The Following Web Sites:
    • MLS
    •, which distributes to over 25 websites
  • I Will Provide The Following:
    • Just Listed Postcards
    • Realtor Tour
    • Platinum Real Estate Group Sign
    • Colored Flyers with Pictures
    • Brochure Books
  • Set up, manage and coordinate home showings through communication with the seller and the buyer.
  • Help the buyer/seller understand the
  • Real Estate Purchase Contract and keep them both informed from contract ratification to closing.
  • Assist with setting the best possible sale price for the home using a comparative market analysis to ensure a quick sell.
  • Assist in locating a home inspector, a handyman, and a home stager

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Unconditional Guarantee:

If for any reason I do not provide 100% satisfactory service, let me know and I will remedy the situation within 24 hours. If the buyer/seller is still not satisfied, Platinum Real Estate Group will release him/her from the listing agreement, unconditionally, with no further obligation.

I Guarantee It!

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I will:

  • Within The First 36 Hours:
    • Enter listing into Wasatch Front MLS
    • Print flyers
    • Place sign in the seller’s yard with flyer box
    • Put a lockbox on the home
    • Take pictures
  • Within The First 48 Hours:
    • Make brochure packets
    • Get home scheduled for Realtor home tour
    • Deliver brochures to the home
    • Call seller and provide update on completed activities
    • Load pictures onto websites
  • Once A Week: Call and provide weekly update on showings of your home, what the market is do- ing, and competing listings.
  • Once Every 30 Days:
    • Provide seller with a list of comparable properties, including active, under contract, and sold comparables.
    • Send you any agent feedback received.
    • Copies Of Print Advertising

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Tips to get your home in tiptop showing shape

I will:

    • Clean! Clean! Clean!

      Look at your home as though you are seeing it for the first time. Every room should be spotlessly clean, dusted and uncluttered. Steam clean carpets and wax floors. Wash walls, windows and light fixtures. Use polish on all trim and wood surfaces. Tighten loose stair railings.

    • Kitchen and Baths

      These rooms should gleam! Clear off counters.

    • Clean all appliances and fixtures. Replace chrome burner plates on the range. Scrub floors and walls, repaint if necessary. Caulk tubs and showers. Clean thoroughly and be sure these rooms smell fresh.
    • Furniture

      Rearrange or remove furniture to make your rooms look more spacious. Pack away knickknacks from end tables and coffee tables. One or two items per surface is plenty.

    • Closets

      Remove clothing you no longer want. Take items to a donation center. Organize shelves, straighten shoes. Be sure that sliding doors operate smoothly in their tracks and knobs on drawers are secure.

    • Utility Room

      Dust and wash off lint from washer and dryer.

    • Remove stains and mineral deposits from furnaces; even dust and polish the furnace and hot water heater.
    • Think Light and Bright!

      Do everything you can to brighten the interior.

    • Replace dim bulbs with bright ones. Replace wallpaper with off-white paint. Repaint shabby or dark walls and replace dark or worn carpets with neutral colors. Open the blinds and replace broken windows and window seals. During the winter, maintain a comfortable temperature even if you are away for an extended time.
    • Yard

      Look at your home?s exterior as though you were driving up for the first time. Remove any debris; re- paint/stain where necessary. Park any stored cars, camper or motor home elsewhere. Each season has a need whether it?s spring or summer. In winter, be sure your drive and sidewalks are free of snow and ice. In the summer trim bushes and mow the grass around your home. During the fall keep the leaves raked and sweep the walks.

    • Decks/Patios

      Clean, straighten and repaint/stain if necessary.

    • Tighten loose railings. Neatly arrange the patio furni- ture and toss out old or rusty items.
    • Front Entry

      First impressions really count. Be sure the front door and screen are in good repair. Paint the front door a warm, rich, inviting color. Sweep away any pine needles and cobwebs. We tend to overlook this area, especially when we don?t enter our home through the front door.

    • Pets

The presence and/or odor of a pet should be avoided. Even a friendly dogs barking can frighten a buyer. If you can’t remove your dog, try to confine it to the garage or dog run. Litter boxes need to be clean.

  • It’s All Important!!

    Do these things now and get the benefit of enhanced appeal to buyers. Since buyers tend to “horrible-ize” every minor flaw, minor repairs performed now will help prevent delays in the sale of your home. The dollars you spend will repay you tenfold.

  • Family Commitment

    Be sure to set up a cleaning maintenance plan with your family. Even the smallest of children can participate in keeping the house clean and often enjoy being able to contribute to the family chores.

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Advantages of Listing With a Realtor:

  • Our time is valuable! A Realtor saves you time!
  • A Realtor will likely sell your home for more money due to the greater exposure. Many sellers even net more after fees!
  • A third party (Realtor) can obtain prospects? true opinions of your home and relay those comments to you.
  • You’ll know the buyer is qualified, not just a looker.
  • You won’t personally open your home to strangers.
  • You can save your money by not having to advertise your own home.
  • You can be professionally represented by someone who is accountable for all the details!

Using a quality Real Estate Professional doesn’t cost…it pays!!

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Pricing Your Home:

  • Proper Pricing Means
    • Faster sale
    • Exposure to more prospects
    • Increased sales person responses
    • Better response from advertising and sign calls
    • Attracting “cleaner” financing
    • Attracting higher offers
    • MORE money to sellers
    • Avoiding being “shopworn”
    • More convenience
  • Factors that Do Not Affect Property Value
    • False statements, such as:
      • “Another agent said it is worth more.”
      • “People always offer less than asking price.”
      • “The buyer can always make an offer.”
      • “My neighbor was able to get his price.”
      • “We paid more than that for our home.”
    • Your original purchase price
      • Chances are you paid market value. Markets change and today you need to deal with the cur- rent market conditions which may have changed significantly.
    • Over improvements
      • Improvements should be made for enjoyment, not resale. You cannot add an item to a home, that meets your style, use it, then expect a buyer to pay the original cost.
    • The Owner’s need for money
      • The Owner’s need for money or the fact that the Owner is moving to a more expensive area where he will have to pay more for the home has nothing to do with the home?s current value.
    • The Cost to rebuild it today
    • The Seller’s personal attachment to the property
    • Certain types of improvements
  • Remember
    • There is no “exact” price for real estate.
    • The Realtor does not tell you what your home is worth.
    • The market determines the value of the property and you and your Realtor determine the price.
    • Your Realtor bring you market information. The market brings the price.
    • Your Realtor will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area.
    • You determine the price based on factors you control, such as:
      • Marketing time
      • Financing alternatives provided
      • Condition
      • Exposure methods

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